Imminent Mode: Revolution Resist


” Imminent Mode is a platform for artists and designers to play with the Juxtaposition of creative expression. Bringing different mediums together to create wearable art based on a theme. For this installment the theme is : revolution resist. Open to interpretation by each pairing, they will create two wearable pieces of art. One piece for exhibition and one to be featured in runway show. Each artist will have a a hanging piece that represents them as an artist and the pieces will be photographed in an editorial style photo shoot. ” Adé A Cônnére  ~ Organizer

With works by:
Anouk Rawkson
Jordan Christianson
Brenda Bryan
Grant Rehnberg
Julian Peña
Gabriel- Bello Diaz
Rio Abundez
Devon Yan
Carolyn Hitt
Robinick Fernandez
Amanda Franz



Hair by : Matthew Lawrence

Make up by : Jordan Ross


Project in collaboration with Jen FoxBox for wearable technology. Volunteer models included; Imani Sims, Holly Ylloh and Alexis Padriga Lim.


20728163_10213615701892004_3425951018910648606_nPhoto by @mrdavidappaloosa