Hyena Culture

Imani_SimsHyena Culture is a pack of P.O.C. artists using their talents and strength to empower and support their communities. Head Hyena, Gabriel-Bello Diaz, began this initiative to begin highlighting the people within his community that were really making change. Gabriel is a public school teacher for 6th-12th grade focusing on entrepreneurship within multi-industrial engineering. He has also started a digital fabrication fashion company, Efficio, that looks at the collaboration between 3D printing, laser cutting, industrial sewing and traditional hand craftsmanship. These are the techniques that his students use but with an initiative to make change both locally and globally. His students draw inspiration from their community and Gabriel draws inspiration from them. Hyenas Cultre is dedicated to showing his students professionals in the field that look like them and have not lost their ambitions to make change in the world.

This online editorial not only exposes the beautiful stories of these Hyenas but also highlights P.O.C fashion designers, photographers, artists and musicians that contribute to the story. The Hyena story has began in Seattle and will continue to grow. Our pack is strong and we support each other within our endeavors. This is not a group of beautiful strangers that came together to look pretty. They are a force, an energy, a pack.